Why Legacy Food Storage Is The Best

Food is very essential for life. Choosing the right food storage provider is very important for many reasons. Legacy Food Storage is one of the best food storage companies and deals with readymade meals. These meals include freeze dried or dehydrated food that are healthy and delicious. Food storage is considered by people because they want to have enough food on hand in case they experience emergencies like a hurricane, health crisis that affects their finances, job loss or when the supermarkets run out of certain foods for a period of time.

For food preparation and storage services, the following factors make Legacy Food Storage the best:

> Provision of high quality services

The Legacy food company seeks to educate, inform and supply families located anywhere with the best quality of food storage products available. This ensures that the consumers have the right knowledge concerning the foods that are good for their health and make them aware of the most appropriate way to store such food.

> Large variety of food products

Customers are provided with dependable, cheaper and simple food storage solutions. The foods are a large variety at customer friendly prices. The food storage can be used for camping, as emergency food, for backpacking, hiking and having regular family meals. Their meals are sealed inside Mylar pouches that have oxygen absorbers and flushed with nitrogen to retain the nutritional values and aroma for up to 25 years. The large variety of foods is because Legacy foods changes the recipes and ingredients on a regular basis as new ingredients and processes with higher standards become available.

> Food remains fresh

The food is usually sealed in pouches that contain an oxygen absorber. These pouches are contained in plastic buckets that are re-sealable and easy to stack. This makes them convenient to store and simple to carry. Due to the sealing, food is able to retain its nutritional standards and taste for a long time. Customers can therefore purchase the food in bulk without any fear.

> Experience

The food storage company has a wide range of experience in providing high quality food storage services and products. This is because of working with the most experienced professional chefs who develop the most amazing recipes using the highest quality of ingredients.

> Meal preparations are easy

The Legacy foods are developed to be prepared quick and simple. This is because the foods are designed to assist during an emergency when there is limited time. Each of the food products come with a precise set of instructions which help you prepare your meal quickly.

>The foods are gluten free

Because gluten has been found to cause celiac disease. Most people demand for food without gluten. Legacy foods offer gluten free foods which are developed with care to avoid any type of cross- contamination. The foods are also free from preservatives, artificial flavoring and GMO.

> Entree Choices are available

The entrees are filling, nutritious and tasty meals. Legacy foods have entrees that include creamy potato soup, cheese, macaroni and cheese, broccoli soup, vegetable and rice soup, baked potato and stroganoff.

> Easy to carry

They are easy to carry around and are packed using plastic bags that are eco-friendly. Due to their light weight, they are convenient for hikes and during camping.

>Tests and analysis

Legacy food products have been independently tested by Food Quality Council and established to have the best ingredients.
Finally, Legacy Food Storage company’s goal is to help customers prepare their families for emergencies by way of providing them with the most affordable freeze dried food storage. The customers can get a variety of tastes, meals and an incredible food value.


Dried Food Recipes For You And Me

Food preservation has been a concern for humanity since time immemorial. Before the modern innovations of refrigeration and deep freezing, our forefathers had to find ways to preserve food for the lean months of winter; so as to survive the cold hard months when there was little food to be found. In this article  you can find out many ways to preserve food and one of them is to dry food to keep it for a much longer time.

What kind of foods can be dried?

Almost all sorts of food can be dried and preserved for use months later. Fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products can all be dried to preserve them.

How is Food Dried?

The most primitive way of drying food, specially fruits and vegetables is by drying them in the sun. This is the method our ancestors used to dry the seasonal fruits and vegetables to use in lean months. There are dried food recipes that also call for smoking food to preserve it. This is mostly done for meat, fish and dairy products. Salting is another way to dry food. Meat, fish, vegetables or fruits are covered with salt which leaches out the water in the food to dry it out completely. There are other ways of drying food, a modern technique is freeze drying and using food dehydrators to speed up the process.

How does Drying Food Help in Preservation?

Most food contains a large percentage of water in it. It is this water content that makes the food go off, turn rancid and inedible. When we dry food out, we take all the water out of the food and help to prolong its life.

Dried Food Recipes and Preparation

There are several dried food recipes that you can find on the net. Drying food is easy and doesn’t take too much preparation time. In most cases what you have to do is clean the fruit and vegetables cut them into manageable pieces add a preservative and put it in a dehydrator if you are using one, or in the sun till all the water has evaporated and the food is totally dry. You may add sugar or salt to the food before drying as they too act as preservatives. If you prefer not to use a preservative, then you may have to put the dried food in the refrigerator to keep it for a longer time.

Some Common Foods That are Dried.

Some of the most common foods that are dried and used are plums, which when dried are called prunes. Grapes that are dried to become raisins, Cranberries, Mangoes, figs, dates, potatoes, tomatoes are the most commonly dried fruits and vegetables. Fish and meat are also dried and eaten.

Dried food Recipe for Making dried tomatoes

Take some fleshy tomatoes like roma, cut them into quarters. Take the seeds out and rub the pieces with some salt. Keep them either in a dehydrator or in the sun till they are nice and crisp. Store in an air tight container. They can be added to salads, pasta sauces or even eaten as they are.

Most dried food recipes call for fleshy fruits which will retain some flesh after drying and provide a chewy texture to the food. Dried food is great for outdoors. It is light to carry and can easily be reconstituted to make a tasty meal. Now days, full meals can be dehydrated by freeze drying method and packed. Your packaged soup powder, and egg powder are just that – freeze dried versions of soups and egg.

What Does Dried Foods Refer To?

Drying is a means of food preservation which works by eliminating water from food to inhibit microbial and bacterial growth. It has been in practice since ancient times and was the main method used to increase the duration of food stuffs by retaining their freshness and nutrients contents. However, with technological advancement in the recent past, the method is not widely practiced, but some food stuffs rely on drying as their main method of preservation. Let have a look at some of these dried foods.


Processed foods:

Some of these foods come in dried forms to increase their life and retain their freshness. They tend to be in powder or crunchy form, and the nutrients from their fresh products is still retained thus reliable and effective in nutrients provision. Some of these foods are powdered eggs and milk, instant coffee and many more. When stored in a cool environment and oxygen free environment these food stuffs can last for many years.
Dried fruits:

This refers to fruits in which most of its water content has been removed via sun drying, use of specialized dehydrators or dryers or naturally. The act of drying fruits has been in practice since ancient times and is still highly practiced. Dried fruits have high nutritive value, sweet taste with a very long shelf life. This is the best method of storing fruits without risk of microbial and bacterial attach. Some of these dried fruits are; coconut, banana chip, dried apples, mangoes, dates and many more.

Dried vegetables:

Vegetables are prone to microbial attach shortly after harvesting, the need to preserve these products is crucial. Drying vegetables increases their shelf life and retains their freshness, thus can be used at a future date without risk of microbial or bacterial attach. A variety of dehydrated or dried vegetables exists including potatoes, carrots, leafy vegetables, onion, corn and much more.

Dried seeds:

Most of the seeds are dried naturally via the sun, a certain percent of water contained in these seeds is removed making them harder and more resistant to bacterial and microbial attach. Dried seeds can last for a very long time if pesticides are added to them while being stored, this has helped the WHO in ensuring quality foods for all people. Some of these foods are beans, maize, rice, and any other kind of grain.


Dried mushrooms are prepared by hot-air drying, sun drying o freeze drying. This adds taste and flavor to the mushroom dish, some of these mushrooms prepared dried include Morel, Shiitake and straw mushrooms. The mushroom extract, a paste like, concentrated extract from dried eatable mushrooms is used to add flavor to the soups, soy sauce, sauces and other foods.

Dried fish and seafood’s:

Dried fish is got by removing water from fish to inhibit microbial and bacterial growth, by Open air drying via wind or sun and this has been used since ancient times for fish preservations. Traditional methods of fish preservation include smoking, drying and salting. Some of these foods include Vobla, salted and dried cod, Conpoy, Balky, Bokkoms, dried shrimp and many more.

Dried meats:

This a feature of many cuisines around the world, meat is at very high risk of microbial and bacterial attach, dried meat offers the lengthy freshness needed for the products. Some of these foods include bacon, Bakkwa, Biltong, Borts and many more.

How To Prepare A Roasted Chicken

Roasted-chickenHave you ever eaten chicken? Not even answer. You may have already eaten. The problem with roasting whole chickens is that parties are not ready to exit the oven at the same time. When the dark meat of the bird is well prepared, the breast is overcooked and dried. There are a number of ways to avoid this unfortunate culinary result.

While the chicken cooking can be a straightforward assignment, there are many deciding components that prompt a flawlessly succulent and tender cooked winged bird. Chicken is presumably a standout amongst the most prevalent meat around for it offers a scope of adaptability and potential outcomes! You can bubble it, sear, barbecue, prepare, meal, broil, saute it, cooking and mix fries and dependably end with a scrumptious supper. In any case, one of the real difficulties with chicken is that it ought to dependably be cooked to forestall foodborne ailment.

You should never consume red meat or uncommon chicken. In the event that the meat is pink cook it longer. Raw chicken can make you exceptionally debilitated. Alright, so why is it so awful? This is a huge issue on the grounds that the chicken, particularly white midsection region of the meat has a tendency to be overcooked and dry. It require not be! I might want to concentrate all in all dried chickens in this article that these appear to be the ones that are the most hard to great. Due to the way a chicken is formed, it is not difficult to wind up with the bosom meat cooked stringy; leg and stringy cooked meat of the thigh; and rubbery skin unappetizing.

A dried chicken ought to have tender meat in the succulent, completely cooked dull meat and splendidly clean and generally prepared skin. So how would we end with such a heavenly creation? The primary thing you have to do is Preheat stove rotisserie inside. Keep the stove rack for later utilization. Since heater everybody is distinctive, I would say a decent dependable guideline is to high temperature for a decent 20 prior minutes simmering. I have simmered chicken ordinarily in my life and it is clear that that 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius) is the place the chicken turns out with the best comes about. Higher high temperature cooking quick flying creature, however has a tendency to smolder the skin and dry meat; lessen heat – moderate and feeble toward the starting and top of the line – is found in dried meat too.

Thus, preheat your broiler to 375 degrees and we will get the credit chicken! Expel giblets and neck from the hole. Unless you want to utilize them (say to make the sauce, for instance) toss. Wash the chicken all around and dry altogether. You need a dried chicken. At that point cut the extra fat. Take it off. From the neck, embed your fingers under the skin and tenderly push back the skin of the bosom meat. Liberally season it inside and outside of the chicken with salt and pepper. At any rate, in the event that you are broiling a bigger winged creature guarantee you modify your cooking time. Pretty nearly twenty to twenty five minutes is ideal. You will in the end up with your desired results.